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Battery Powered Speaker

Battery Powered Speaker


Our Battery-Powered Speaker is the ultimate audio solution for any event, offering powerful sound and unmatched portability! Ideal for weddings, outdoor parties, and corporate events, this speaker ensures you have high-quality audio wherever you need it.

Equipped with a robust 240-watt output, our speaker delivers clear, loud sound perfect for any setting. It boasts up to 18 hours of playing time on a single battery charge, ensuring your event goes uninterrupted. Additionally, it features connectivity for wireless microphones and the ability to link with other battery-powered speakers for a truly customizable sound system.

Designed for ease of use, this speaker comes with a telescopic handle and wheels, making transportation and setup a breeze. Whether you're setting up for a beach party or a conference, this speaker adapts to your needs with its versatile features and durable design.

Enhance your event with our 240-Watt Battery-Powered Speaker and keep your guests entertained with flawless audio performance. Perfect for creating an impactful audio experience, it’s your go-to for reliable, portable sound! πŸ”ŠπŸŽΆπŸš€


  • Battery powered, helpful in remote locations with no power
  • 240W
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Built-in handle and wheels for easy transport
  • Dynamic lights with multiple modes
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