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Microphone Stand

Microphone Stand


Our versatile Microphone Stand is essential for any event requiring top-notch audio clarity! Ideal for stages, speeches, meetings, weddings, and broadcasts, this stand offers robust support and flexible positioning for various microphone types.

Equipped with two universal mic clips—barrel style and clothespin style—it fits most microphones easily. The stand's height adjusts from 25.2” (64cm) to 62.2” (158cm), making it perfect for floor use in diverse settings. Its extendable and removable arm ranges from 16.9” to 30.1” (43cm to 76.5cm) and rotates 360° for precise mic placement. For simpler needs, remove the arm to transform it into a straight stand.

Enhance your audio setup with our Microphone Stand, designed for stability and versatility to ensure every performance or presentation is heard clearly and professionally. 🎤✨


  • Height 25.2" to 62.2"
  • Extends 16.9" to 30.1" 
  • Rotates 360°
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