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Coffee Table - 29" high, 30" diameter

Coffee Table - 29" high, 30" diameter


Introducing "Rocky Mountain Elegance" Coffee Table by Rocky Mountain Rental Co – your gateway to stylish and functional gatherings! Crafted for sophistication and versatility, this coffee table is the perfect addition to elevate any event or lounge area. Whether you're hosting a wedding, a corporate meeting, or a chic cocktail party, the "Rocky Mountain Elegance" Coffee Table adds a touch of contemporary flair to your space. With its sleek design and ample surface, it offers a stylish focal point while serving as a practical hub for drinks, snacks, and conversations. Elevate your event with the "Rocky Mountain Elegance" Coffee Table. Reserve it today and create an ambiance of modern style and convenience for your guests to enjoy! ☕🍸✨


  • Disassembles into 3 pieces for transport
  • 30" diameter table top
  • 29" high (best to use with chairs)
  • Recommended to use with tablecloth

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